CSR – NIRGUL Sons Charitable Trust

NIRGUL Sons Charitable Trust (NSCT) is the corporate social responsibility arm of Blackboard group of companies. Blackboard’s primary aim is to empower the under privileged and shall use its all resources sensibly to ensure the positive change in the lives of people and communities across the country, to enable them to “get up and climb”. Our CSR initiative shall work largely in three key areas – “Skill development”, “Disability” and “Entrepreneurship”.

Skill Development

BASIK (Blackboard academy for developing skills, intelligence and knowledge) is a flagship academy of the Blackboard to cater the economically weaker section of the society. Academy’s key target is to deliver the skill development programs which are accessible and affordable to all sections of society.


Disability is the second major area of focus for Blackboard. The trust shall work towards persons with disabilities and shall ensure to provide them with the opportunity for a life with dignity and a better future. Blackboard shall also donate from its all group of companies to the charitable organisations established for disabled persons.


The third key area of our CSR initiative is to make people self-dependent instead of being-dependent. Technological changes are disrupting the labour markets across the country, hence our motive is to promote self-employability through skills needed for high-demand job sectors and creating such platforms where every individual can find ways and means of earning their livelihood.